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BABËL | Celebrating 5 years of magic !

"Now the whole world had one language and a common speech." Genesis 11.1 - This inspired our BABËL dream, to unite and inspire each and every one of you into our magical & colorful community, transcending our differences through our passions & creativity. 

To our Beloved BABËL Community,

Time passes in the blink of an eye. Five years- spun together by dance, ritual, energy and laughter. Our experiences together are forever branded into our minds and hearts. It has become clear, that these are more than just parties. They are pathways that vibrate to our most inner beings. For all of these memories we couldn't be more grateful for your participation and precious support, THANK YOU!

It is a true gift from the Universe to be able to bring you all together, to make you dance, smile & entertain you, thank you for all of the love. We feel honored to serve our community of such creative and vibrant individuals.

Please join us on the dance floor once again in celebration of our existence and in honor of our inspired community.

11pm - Saturday, May 12th at Sony Hall... Believe in Magic.

Let's come together on the dance floor, to celebrate you, to celebrate US. 

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” - Rumi

Join us. 


Expect nothing but Magic! 

✶♕✶ Dresscode: DISCO MAGIC ✶♕✶ 




✶♕✶ Music ✶♕✶




✶♕✶ Groups ✶♕✶

For groups or special celebrations, we suggest you to be in touch with Milan, he will be your point person to secure your table or group access:

You can reach Milan at


✶♕✶ Arrival & Information ✶♕✶ 

Doors open at 11pm and the event will go on late.

Arrive early to avoid queuing.

Believe in Magic

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